Joe Kowalczyk

Joe Kowalczyk
Born 1980 BirthChicago, United States.
Lives and works in HomeBerkeley, California, United States.

Bio of Joe (Ko-väl-chick),

It was just north of Chicago in Niles, Illinois where Joe spent his adolescence following his passion for drawing. In high school Joe’s heart raced when he discovered ceramics and he took to it naturally. Nothing was more exciting to him than ceramic sculpture week, but ceramics seemed impractical and impossible of being practiced outside of school. By default he turned his attention back towards drawing and music. After high school Joe was advised to pursue a more lucrative career, but his heart confessed; he could not pursue his path in life as a computer technician after realizing his true love for sculpting.

Joe never looked back.

In Spring of 2006, after three years of formative training under Arthur Gonzalez, Craig Petey, John deFazio, and John Toki, he received his BFA from the California College of the Arts (formerly The California College of Arts and Crafts). Now he’s currently developing his body of work in the California Bay Area with his friends and fellow studio mates at FM (