Jem Raid

Jem Raid
Born 1944 BirthBirmingham, UK.
Lives and works in HomeBirmingham, UK.

The prints above are made using the original Cyanotype process from the 1840’s they are then bleached in an alkali and toned in Tannic Acid, this produces the lovely range of tones that you can see here.

I make the prints on either Canson Montval or Somerset Velvet paper both are archival and the prints are permanent, the image size is 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm)

The third person

No it’s not a politically correct Orson Welles film, but what a lot of artists and photographers write in when they want to give information about themselves, I don’t know why. But as it seems to be a ‘tradition’ here goes.

Jem Raid has been taking photographs for 50 years and learnt his craft in the night school classes of suburban Birmingham. (Actually the teacher, George Bott was brilliant he had an infectious enthusiasm and a way of explaining things that went straight in and never came out) After several years he decided to abandon the club and competition scene and go down the solo exhibition route, in 1991 he had his first exhibition at the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham.

Over the next ten years he had and took part in ten more exhibitions, all in the Midlands area of the UK. His exhibition projects have covered, street photography, portraits, fashion, rock bands, woodland and landscape. He was invited to contribute reviews of photographic exhibitions to Amateur Photographer magazine, writes articles for Inscape magazine, and for Alternative In 2000 he began to help out at a City & Guilds photography class and eventually became a student himself, gaining distinctions in the two modules he undertook.

During this time as a photographer he felt that his work was always for someone else and never for himself and so in 2001 decided that his major interest would be following themes, subjects and the gradual building of a body of work. As well as producing and selling his own images he likes to work in collaboration with self imagers who email their pictures to him and he makes the negatives and prints.

His images are sold to collectors worldwide and he is gaining a reputation as a fine art photographer capable of producing museum quality prints.