Jean Pierre Rousselet

Jean Pierre Rousselet
Born 1953 BirthP Alegre, Brazil.
Lives and works in HomeMiami, USA.

From the world’s third largest city, Sao Paulo, Brazil comes Jean Pierre Rousselet, an artist without boundaries.
He got his paint stained genes from his artistic father. Jean Pierre graduated with degrees in fine arts/industrial design and architecture from Sao Paulo’s internationally recognized universities FAU and FAAP and has been a professional artist ever since.
Jean Pierre has worked with companies from Nestlé to Air France and in 2001 he relocated to Miami, Florida to serve as a producer for Disney Channel International television. His work in film and television has earned him both national and international awards.
His talents are not confined to the screen or the canvas, Jean Pierre’s sculptures and interior design create an artistic atmosphere. With a keen eye on the future, the commercially abstracts works of Jean Pierre Rousselet promise to offer a new perspective on both portraits of people we know or classic works of art we recognize.

“ What if Michelangelo had apprenticed at Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City?
The results might be something like the works of Brazilian born, Florida based, painter
Jean Pierre Rousselet.

Bob Weinberg – CityLink magazine, FL newspaper

Exibition History

ETRA Fine Art Gallery – Miami
Artfusion Gellery – Miami
CasaDecor 2007 – Miami –