Jan Keen

Jan Keen
Born 1946 BirthOHIO, United States.
Lives and works in HomeCincinnati, OHIO, United States.

Art is the passion of my life.  I spent many years of hard work and diligent practice to achieve the current technique and style of abstraction.  Although primarily self-taught, I have additional training from Art Institutions and instructions from other talented artists. 

The technique and style I have developed over the years is based on the Kaleidoscope. 

The intent is to capture the ‘effect’ of a kaleidoscopic image coupled with the added look of stained glass.  Within each image all elements take form as a patternization of the real or imaginary, based on the three and/or four mirrored reflection of the Kaleidoscope. 

The majority of my years as a professional artist have been as a ‘commissioned artist.’ 

More than 27,000 works were completed since 1974, for individuals, private collectors, and corporate collections throughout the Continental United States, and a few International works.  Sketches, pen and ink drawings, and watercolors are retained in private and corporate collections.  In addition Oil, alkyd, acrylic paintings, and Digital Graphics have received recognition and/or national awards in various Art Competitions.