Hoffman Maciej

Hoffman Maciej
Born 1964 BirthWroclaw, Poland.
Lives and works in HomeWroclaw, Poland.

Biographic note.

Born in Wroclaw, Poland on 31 August 1964.
Sculpture Major –  Thesis advisor – prof. Feliks Kociankowski;
Painting Major –  Thesis advisor – prof. Konrad Jarodzki;
Both in the Faculty of Painting, Graphic Arts and Sculpture at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw In 1992.
Lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.
1992-2003 work in advertising agency
From 2004 creativ work – oil painting, c-prints, ceramic

2008 – Exhibition Wroclaw – Gallery of Contemporary Art. „Na Solnym”
2008 – Exihibition Warsaw – Galery „Van Golik”
2008 – XXII Festival of Polish Contemporary Art Szczecin 2008