Han Halewijn

Han Halewijn
Born 1963 BirthLeeuwarden, Netherlands.
Lives and works in HomeArnhem, Netherlands.

Han Halewijn de Groot born 8 may 1963 in Leeuwarden.
At eight years he started playing the recorder and later the oboe.
Studied at the High school of the Arts in Arnhem and followed:
– Master courses with Gilbert Flory and Lothar Koch (Berliner
– Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag
– Lessons/Workshops from amongst others Walter Hekster, John Cage,
W. Lutoslavski, – Jaap Drupsteen (audio/visual composing techniques),
Oliver Messiaen and at Les ateliers UPIC the center of Iannis Xenakis.

He works as an independent artist-composer-teacher, does R&D on new media (like usage of WEB-virtual-real exchanges, LED technology, Interfaces 4 applications design, Mobile gaming and RFID) and has collaborated with video, dance, music-theatre, Internet, mobile phone and light-art (Bulat Galeyev). During these years he won prices with “Interactive Woods” and “Disturbing Utopia” (Paper Art 7).

In 1992 he initiated Music Design for art research and to produce multimedia and interactive performances, media and social communication experiences and to develop dedicated proprietary hard and software. In November 1997 a portrait of him was performed at the ISCM chamber music days in Albania.

Other real/virtual interactive communicative surroundings and performances produced by him are amongst others; “Talking Trees” made for the Foundation Maeght (the Labyrinth of MIRO); “Vision in the Dark” a real-live adventure for blind people; “Enchantress Influenza“ an interactive surrounding for children; “Concerto Grosso” an interactive concert tour with its premiere at the World EXPO 2000, “Breathing in Breathing out” an interactive rotating wall of 2 by 3 meter illustrating the effects of asthma.

Meanwhile he followed a scriptwriting course with Zoran Solomun to finish the first state of the interactive movie “To the best of my Memory”; was selected for: “the performer and the mediated image”; the Korsakov Workshop for interactive documentary filmmaking in Turin, the “Radio Arte Jump” Master class from Federico Fusi about narrowcasting ideas or using the air as an exhibition space and the SAGASnet expert meeting for mobile application development (OULU). In may 2007 he was selected for a workshop on tracking technology at V2 during the DEAF-festival.
In 2005 he contributed to the project “Belgrad Reporter” for B92 (narrowcasted radio), to the Triennial Gelderland “Vormen van Aarden“ with the worldwide first active RFID ART project "Tagged Space" (www.taggedspace.net) that automatically produces RIGA’s (a reflective interactive generated artwork), a user dedicated web space and a merging story hat appears in real-time according to the users behavior and to the Paper ART 9 (remixed) Biennial in Düren with his AGB’s (Art Gedanke Batterien) consisting of 1km ‘wellpappe’ to access the ART experience on its own while laying down. After that his work was selected for exposure during the “Jahresgaben” in the Leopold Hoesch Museum (Duren) and in the meantime he showed some of his works to the public at the Art Fairs in Rotterdam and Antwerpen.
In 2006 he contributed with “Unwrapped” to the Biennial in Belgrad and was commissioned for the design of a Public Space Project in Alkmaar. With “Interchange Me” he will bring a building 2live (reflecting the inner activity through audio fragments at the outside (the voice) and reflecting the neighborhood -who creates images that are selected through an online web based system
onto a new developed LED dream display (the eyes)(Opening estimate end of 2008) (http://halewijn.blogspot.com) + (http://deoosterhout.blogspot.com) During that time he contributes to the startup of Fabulari.no (a fairytale program for children of 4till6, chosen as 1 of the 100 Magic Moments with exposure at the newly opened Opera in Oslo).
In November 2007 his work is exposed at the “Golden Pen” Biennial in Belgrad, he is invited to take part in the Behance Network and exhibits with “The Lady with the Dog” at the NanoArt competition of 2008.

At the moment he is amongst others working at the development of "Leaving Traces" an awareness project with RFID in the public space,
“I ‘am a Multi Billy TrillionAir” a reflective project about SCAM 409 emails and at a theater play with Barbara Cleff: “Together Again” for old and young dancers with its premiere in Wuppertal, June 2008.

Since the beginning of 2008 he initiates the commercial startup of Animated Light.