Frank Zirbel

Frank Zirbel
Born 1947 BirthGreen Bay, Wisconsin, United States.
Lives and works in HomeChicago, Illinois, United States.

Frank Joseph Zirbel is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin who has been living in Chicago since 1977.

His first group show dates back to 1973 in Door County, Wisconsin.

He started drawing as a child and has continued to this day. He is primarily self taught.

In 1978 he began etching and fell in love with the process. There are more than sixty images in his etching catalogue.

In 1985 he started showing in New York’s East Village and continued through the rest of the eighties, having great success with the art boom of that time.

1985 also marked the year Zirbel started oil painting and working in color.

At the end of 1995, he abandoned his last day job. He is now letting his art sustain him.

He has been called a "figurative expressionist."

It should also be noted that Zirbel is an acomplished musician. Under the monker Mental Insect, he has released three projects. In the first half of the 1980s, he played with the band Bohemia, releasing five records that have reached collector status.