Eva M. Paar

Eva M. Paar
Born 1977 BirthNear Salzburg, Austria.
Lives and works in HomeLinz, Austria.


Born 1977 in Salzburg (Austria), Eva M. Paar works and lives in Linz (AT) at the moment. Since the breakout of her illness on multiple sclerosis in 2001, she puts her whole energy in creating oil paintings and analog photographic artwork. Even though she often exhibits in other countries and continents, the strong attachment to Salzburg will always remain.

1977 Born in “Zell am See” – Salzburg (AT)
1997 Degree in advanced level secondary modern school
1997 Study at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (AT) – some terms science of law and some terms social economics
2001 Discovery of her deep passion, painting in oil
2001 First art-exposition in Mittersill / Salzburg (AT)

ARTIST STATEMENT – Relaxed Formation

She represents humans or abstracted figures by a play of parallel and differently broad lines. Eva M. Paar primary uses earth-colors, in order to give a warm and pleasant character to the oil paintings, which stands in contrast to the often coolly selected motives. Represented humans and scenes do not only dissolve by differently broad lines, but close together lying color gradations support the realistic effect from the distance. They let more exact outlines as well as shade develop.

The second half of the 20th century is located in the center of her present work. By icons of the sixties, an a juvenile manner innocent models of the present, up to socio topics, reflect in her dynamic poses and scenes.


2009/02 ARTEXPO NY (US)
2009/01 Gallery M Beck / Homburg (DE)
2008/10 Parkdale Gallery / Ottawa (CA)
2008/09 Art fair Bratislava (SK)
2008/07 Gallery Gora / Montreal (CA)


2008/03 Timesigns 2008 / Filderstadt (DE)
2008/02 ARTEXPO NY (US) – represented by Gallery Artodrome (DE)
2008/02 Art fair Osnabrueck (DE) – represented by Gallery Boehner (DE)
2007/11 Gallery Artodrome / Forchheim (DE)
2007/11 Art fair Salzburg (AT)
2007/09 Gallery Boehner / Mannheim (DE)
2007/09 LACDA / Los Angeles (US) – Snap to Grid, exhibition of digital artwork
2007/07 33 Collective Gallery / Chicago (US) – Self-Portrait Exhibition
2007/05 Infusion Gallery / Los Angeles (US)
2007/04 Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)
2006/12 Kunst Forum International / Meisterschwanden (CH)
Small Formats exhibition
2006/11 Art fair Salzburg 2006 (AT) – represented by Gallery Boehner
2006/08 Art Domain Gallery / Leipzig (DE) – 5. Palm Award Exhibition
2006/07 Gallery of the Middle / Linz (AT)
Solo exhibition “Romantic Reduction”, 50 artwork
2006/06 Kunst Forum International / Meisterschwanden (CH)
Seetal 2006 contest, participation
2006/05 Folklore House / Ried im Innkreis (AT) – Community exhibition
2006/04 Art fair Akzenta Graz (AT) – represented by Gallery Boehner
2006/03 Accident Hospital / Linz (AT) – Community exhibition "OÖKB"
2005/12 Gallery of the Middle / Linz (AT) – with A. Otte and H. Wohlschlager
2005/11 Art fair Salzburg 2005 (AT) – represented by Gallery Boehner
2005/08 Gallery Of The Middle / Linz (AT) Community exhibition


2008 Listing on the website of the Austrian embassy in Washington DC (US) as famous Austrian artist
2007 Honored Artwork – Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)