Daryl-Ann Saunders

Daryl-Ann Saunders
Born 2008 BirthUnited States.
Lives and works in HomeBrooklyn, NY and Jersey City, NJ, United States.

I grew up in Long Island, NY and Miami Beach, FL. I went to college in upstate NY, then lived in NYC for 15 years. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

In my photographic series, On The Platform, the horizon line of the subway platform represents a symbolic division line between machinery and humanity. I photograph during the evening when the harshness of fluorescent lighting carves out the singularity of shapes and forms on the platform. In addition, the fading skylight and far-off lights of the community often defines the contours of the surrounding landscape.

In this environment, I can photographically explore the intersections of foreground and background; the trajectory of trains, frozen and blurred, that interrupt the image area. As photographic architect, I overlap imagery to create new symbolism and realities. For example, a location can exist multiple times in the same image. The metallic subway cars form new structures. Or different moments in time are joined together as one.

This interplay between machinery and humanity, time and timelessness is a metaphor for the experience of living wherein community is interrupted and forced to adapt to varied pressures. I travel to different cities (Boston, California, Chicago, Shanghai, etc.) to explore this interplay and the varied relationships between transit systems and their particular communities.

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