Danielle Jun

Danielle Jun
Born 1976
Lives and works in HomeNorthern California, USA.

Growing up in an artist studio, Danielle’s immediate surroundings were creative and unique.  She was literally surrounded by works of art, and unconsciously started viewing the world as an artist at a very young age.  Her Step Father and friend Will Stephen, was always writing, painting and drawing.  Danielle was continously encouraged to explore her creativity at home.

In 1998, Danielle’s younger brother, Brandon, transitioned after a fatal car accident.  This one event became the catalyst for her first professional series of paintings.  With much saddeness and anger, she was determined to put the emotions into something positive and meaningful. 

Danielle studied painting with Will until his trasition in 2001.  A master artist, Will felt Danielle had a natural gift for painting. 

Encouraged by him, she began on what she still considers some of her most beautiful works.  Giving the paintings such titles as Hope and Truth. 

Color therapy became a huge part of her healing, as well learning to stay uninhibited about the process. She would begin developing her syle of Multi-Dimensional, Abstract Expressionism.

In the last ten years, Danielle has shown her work in many galleries in the Northern California area, and participated in numerous monthly art shows.  She has also done murals for private residences in California and Las Vegas. 

"Hope" is an oil on panel abstract which was one of the first paintings created in 1999.  A vortex of depth, the original stands out luminous and intriguing at 42" x 46".  Danielle is recognized for her effortless ability to blend colors, and for the variety she attains in her art.

In addition to painting, writing poetry and playing guitar, Danielle has participated in events to raise awareness for breast health care through the metaphysical community in Northern California. 

She is also a passionate advocate for global awareness and green living.  Her current series will be on hemp canvas, using non toxic paint and materials.