Dalia Rubin

Dalia Rubin
Born 1959
Lives and works in HomeHerzliya, Israel.

Born in Israel, Dalia Rubin is a self-educated artist who began painting while in her adolescence. For many years she designd jewellery, mostly of silver and gems, and this was her main occupation and source of income. Recently she closed a full circle and resumed painting, and once again painting became her main interest. It is evident that her long career as a jeweler influences her canvases: the shapes, the unique textures of her paintings, the colurs of gems and her affection to metallic tint – are reminiscence of her other occupation, giving them their unique touch and quality.
The main theme of her work is nature, Creation: she’s exploring the beauty of life using vibrant colors and layered textures.

Me and art:

The creative process
Anyone defining himself/herself as an "artist" must supply solid proof for their creativity. This can take the form of a novel, a poem, a paining or a sculpture, but the secret behind creativity is Creative Thinking. Creative Thinking is a mental tool that all humans own, although not all of us are aware of it or know how to use it. Creativite Thinking is the tool that helps us improve ourselves, provides a fresh look on situations in life and helps us solve problems. Improving that tool can take the form of not only an artistic creation but also the form of healthy life in both body and soul. It is never too late to be creative. Anyone of us, no matter how intelligent, can learn how to use this tool and teach others, adults and children, how to benefit from creativity.

The language of Art
I often claim that science and art are two sides of the same coin, although they use very different languages – science uses the language of mathematics and art uses the language of the senses. Both science and art require a unique observation of the universe, though the outcome is very different. Nevertheless, there’s a very significant difference between science and art: various scientists will observe the universe and often reach the same conclusion using mathematical calculations, but various artists will each create a completely different expression which is influenced by their own interpretation. This interpretation is in fact the artistic creation, which derives from both outer world and the inner world of the artist.
I do believe that this duality finds its expression in my work, too.

Anything goes…
When I first started painting I believed that paint is all that was needed to make a painting. For many years I thought that adding any other material to a painting is wrong, and a proof of the painters lack of artistic skills…
Now, many years later, I find that my artistic language benefits from the wide choice of extra textures that enhance the effect of my paintings. In my work I use many substences, such as constructing materials, sand, stones, paper, ink, metallic tint, modeling pastes – anithing goes…