Cynthia L. Gallagher

Cynthia L. Gallagher
Born 1957 BirthWinnipeg, Canada.
Lives and works in HomeShreveport, Louisiana, USA.

Born in Canada, moving frequenty with family,very shy,and often ill from a kidney disease, Cynthia turned to art for her entertainment,company and joy.
Drawing, sculpting, oils, watercolors and acrylics are favorite mediums while portraits, landscapes, animals and skys are favorite subjects. Self taught and with an award winning style of her own, many of the formal portraits hang in homes,offices and collections of businessmen and women, celebrities and high ranking service men and women as well as other artists.

There is a definate ying and yang to her work. Tropical birds in a snow bank, a zebra with colorful tropical fish, or all black and white with eyes or lips filled with color.  Sadly many of the works were lost in a home fire in 2002.  Cynthia started painting again after a long recovery caused by an injury to the neck by a drunk driver. New works will be posted soon.