Clare O'Neill

Clare O'Neill
Born 1966 BirthSt. Paul, US.
Lives and works in HomeSt. Paul, US.

I am interested in capturing what is unknown. Believing that we rarely, if ever, are able to show our whole self; there remains a part of the psyche unavailable and inaccessible to ourselves as well as to others, creating a sense of mystery and contemplation.

Exploring both the intuitive and the unpredictable, the images capture the essence of my subjects somewhere along the continuum of the conscious and unconscious—between what is being revealed and what is not—leaving the viewer wanting to know more.

Photographing in black & white I prefer to strip the image of color allowing raw emotions and ideas to emerge. Frequently the photographs are then sepia toned adding the warmth of a patina, balancing the cold and impersonal feel of the black & white.

Hidden in the highlights and shadows of the images the subjects expose themselves through gestures, actions, and emotions thus allowing me the opportunity to capture what is unexpected and revealing. Each viewer interprets the image in his or her own way bringing to the experience insights into their own “hidden self”.