CÚdric Van Eenoo

CÚdric Van Eenoo
Born 1974 BirthChamonix - Mt Blanc, France.
Lives and works in HomeWorldwide, Worldwide.

Striking and darkly emotive, Cedric Van Eenoo’s
abstract acrylic paintings are impressive expressionistic works painted
in a deep, rich palette of midnight blues, somber reds, lush purples,
and illuminated by cool, lucid whites.
The colors are profound and brooding as a stormy firmament or the
fertile textures of earth. Expansive color fields are bounded by coarse
but definitive lines – beautiful imperfections, threads of light, scars
and fissures of accumulated time – scratched into the surface of layered
medium. Dark landscapes, thickly painted with vigorous, dynamic
brushstrokes, Cedric Van Eenoo’s works are at once sensuous and somber
in hue, arcane and wonderfully raw in style.
Cedric Van Eenoo is an artist with the gift of an improvisational mind
and the talent for the delicate balancing of structure and aesthetic

Text from Press Release Art Mine, Agora Gallery, New York, NY, USA,