Catherine de Saugy

Catherine de Saugy
Born 1949 BirthGeneva, Switzerland.
Lives and works in HomePerroy,, Switzerland.

Catherine de Saugy was born in Geneva, Switzerland.  Her passion for music and drawing were discovered at an early age. She studied music at the Geneva Conservatoire de Musique, and graphic design at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués in Geneva. Since 1992 she has dedicated her time and energy to establishing herself as a professional artist.

During 2005 she developed a unique and personal tyle, steadily distinguishing herself as an individual and exceptional talent. De Saugy’s acrylic glass panels have no equivalent among her contem-poraries and her treatment of oil painting mixed with new technologies is truly innovative.

On canvas, or paper, she uses acrylic and oil painting, sprays as well as metal pigments. She takes advantage of the strong chemical reactions between the various materials to form the underlying basis for her compositions. She then sculpts and shapes,  controls the matter to get what she has in mind, with large brushes, giving movement to the work.  Reference is made to gestural painting and to a related chaos at the heart of everything which human brain organises to makes sense of it.

The geometrical shapes super-imposed on the paint, add a further dimension to the work and constitutes the accomplishment of de Saugy’s tech-niques approach and artistry.  The realisation on acrylic glass panels gives a definitive touch of virtual feeling.

In 2006, these recent works have been exhibited at the Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort overlooking Lake Lucerne and at the “ Fête des Lumières” in Lyon – France (Light Festival);  in 2007 at the Vontobel Bank Geneva as well as at the Miami Citibank main office in 2008. These exhibitions result in a large audience and public recognition.
Several of these new artworks have been sold to collectors in Bombay, Geneva, Lucerne, Montreux and Zug.