Catherine Dapra-Zawierka

Catherine Dapra-Zawierka
Born 1980 BirthNew York, USA.
Lives and works in HomeNew York, USA.

Catherine Dapra Zawierka of DNA Art Forms creates
custom paintings using her clients individual genetic profile as the
visual basis of each piece. Developing art based on the unique regions
of human DNA, Catherine uses creative elements and approaches to inspire
a fully commissioned art piece that truly represents you. With a simple
cheek swab, you can begin your journey.

Your art form will be as distinct as you and any relationships you might
choose to represent. Some inspirations for custom paintings include:

Expressing yourself. Single results DNA, with other elements
representing you, your style, and your environment.

Representing a personal relationship in a tangible, different way. Based
on two sets of unique DNA markers, and incorporating any other elements
reflecting your tastes and joint lifestyle into the final piece. With
this approach, we’ve created pieces for couples, parent and child, and

Creating a family portrait unlike any other. Fuse multiple sets of DNA
markers to represent a family. In addition to more traditional family
portraits, many families who elect to adopt or are not joined by DNA
choose this approach to memorialize their own history and unique