Annemarie Busschers

Annemarie Busschers
Born 1970 BirthDen Bosch, Netherlands.
Lives and works in HomeGroningen, Netherlands.

2009 BP Award, Aberdeen Art Gallery from 29 Nov- 24 Jan
2008 ‘New Dutch Realism’ The National Arts Club, New York 18 – 31 okt
2008 BP Award, Wolverhampton Gallery from 27 Sept – 14 Nov
2008 Bp Award, National Portrait Gallery 12 June – 14 Sept
2008 Art Amsterdam 7 – 11 may
2008 ING Realismo Olandese. Palazzo Leone da Perego, Legnano-Milano, Italy 23 februari – 20 april
2008 Karmel, Drachten 1 mrt – 11 mei
Realisme 08, Amsterdam
2008 Zeeuws Maritiem MuZEEum Vlissingen. ING collection.
2007 Art Amsterdam
2007 J.K. Egbertsprize. Pictura, Groningen
2007 Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde
2007 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2007 Kunsthal, ‘Leve de Schilderkunst! Terug naar de figuur’ Rotterdam
Realisme 07, Amsterdam
2007 Aberdeen Art Gallery
2006 Gorcums Museum ‘De magie van het Realisme’8
2006 National Portrait Gallery, London
2006 Art Amsterdam
2006 150th Anniversary Portrait Gala, National Portrait Gallery, London
Realisme 06, Amsterdam
2006 Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
2005 Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens
2005 National Portrait Gallery, London
2005 ‘Painted Reality’National Museum Stettin, Poland
2004’Painted Reality’National Museum Krakau, Poland
Realisme 2004, Amsterdam

At first sight Annemarie Busschers makes hyperrealistic portraits in a rawrealistic manner.
But hyperrealism is not important to her, itís just a graphic, complex and at the same time transparent approach that defines her work immediately as a modern art. By means of a mixed technique she intensively explores the skin of her models and investigates the limits of experimentation with the material and ways of expression. Each portrait requieres an unique process.

So she uses transparent pieces of paper streaked with veins on the back, and in using pastel the surface gains a skin colour. The frontside is elaborated with a black pencil or with acrylic paint. After that the paper is glued to the linen. Then itís treated further on with semitransparent sheets of oilpaint or acrylic or textile. Sometimes the artist applies the paint directly to the linen. Itís this complex way of working that makes her work often a mixture of a drawing and a painting. Actually in this layered structure the skin appears also multi-layered.

The aspect which most fascinates her is the skin; the way she uses the skin on the paper is not as important as that of her models. She analyses her digital portraits for irregularities, lines, wrinkles and veins. These aspects are what she wishes tot emphasize in the finally created portrait. To her aging is a fascinating process. Annemarie Busschers doesnít care much about embellishment and idealization, for ages an important purpose of portraitpainting. On the contrary, itís her opinion that aging just reveals beauty. ĎIn comparison with other people my own aging is to me a very intense process and Iím surprised about the way Iím changing. Thatís what I like tot recordí, she said about that.
Indeed, as a consequence we frequently see originate self-portraits among her other portraits

1970 ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Art academy Minerva Groningen 1991-1996

2003 Participation Koninklijke prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst, Amsterdam (2th round)
2005 Selected for exhibition BP Award 2005, National Portrait Gallery, London
2006 Selected for exhibition BP Award 2006, National Portrait Gallery, London
2006 first prize Egberts prize 2007, Groningen
2008 Selected for exhibition BP Award 2008