Anita Dzogovic

Anita Dzogovic
Born 1975 BirthKranj, Slovenia.
Lives and works in HomeTampa, Fl, USA.

My work reflects the richness of my heritage and life experience. Born on Dec 16, 1975 to an Orthodox mother and Catholic father, I spent my early years in Trzic in Slovenia, a little picturesque country in southern Central Europe. I moved to Bosnia in 1991 with my family. The war, the chaos we had experienced, and later my parentsí separation left emotional scars; so often reflected through my photographs.

I am mostly self-taught photographer and always in process of learning through studying, observing my surroundings and from my own mistakes.
My love and appreciation of photography began long time ago, but my great need to express myself and my vision manifested at the end of 2006 through the art of photography.

Being deeply influenced by the Japanese philosophy that embraces simplicity, and the Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the importance of a family, I strive not to forget who I am and where I come from.

Artistís statement:

My photography is all about finding order in a chaotic world.

Painting with light is my key to the secret garden which I explore over and over.
Photography started it. It frees my imagination and fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity. Through the lens I preserve my inner vision and freeze my emotions translated to outer reality. I photograph from inside out.

I celebrate life and its energy and movement that are deeply rooted in my images, which are streaked with order and chaos, known and unknown.  When people see my work, Iíd like them to feel the marvelous sparks of life, and to experience the breath of nostalgia engraved in my images.

Influenced by the Japanese philosophy of Zen, I seek to incorporate principles of simplicity and design in my photographs.
I photograph to remember.

Love and Light,
Anita Dzogovic