Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly
Born 1985 BirthUK.
Lives and works in HomeXiamen, China.

A major concern of the current practice is how value might be placed on ‘artworks’. Works develop out of philosophical/metaphysical questions, such as the notion of nothingness. These issues are addressed though photography, film and text. When trying to write about nothing, I ultimately begin to define it, making it something. Attempts to make a photographic image of nothing render my incapability to do so, thus developing the paradoxical state that my practice works in. These processes in turn create ephemeral and evolving works, aiming to subvert the apparent model for and making art important. Can I make apparent nothing important or valued? Every work is an attempt to understand my own scopophilic tendencies of why I need to make, photograph or film things. Works are the results of methodical processes documenting the concerns of each piece. Most often, the intention is to strip away the meaning of each image or sound to form an unimportant surface, which ironically may become valued as an artwork. This is where my own problematic relationship with aesthetic pleasure is embodied.

2003 – 2007   University of Leeds, B.A. Honours Contemporary Art Practice International: 1st
2005 – 2006   FAVU Brno University of Technology Czech Republic

2008 – Solo exhibition (THIS) Apparent Nothing. Chinese European Art Centre – Xiamen. June 2008