Amanda Potter

Amanda Potter
Born 1982 BirthCheboygan, MI, United States.
Lives and works in HomeNew Jersey, United States.

BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers, NJ with a minor in Art History

Art has the responsibility to encourage thought.  Living in a world with great tragedy, I feel it vital to create works that reflect humor, philosophy and social awareness.

For the last few years, I have been engaged in a dialogue that stems from a mixture of shamanism,  physical abnormalities and social perception.  This latest series has been humorous and enlightening.  I find myself asking infinite questions about the work.

The Couches in Trees series has been a very intriguing body of work.  Disfigured children have been left to wait upon the soft comfort of the couch.  What they do not know is that no one is coming for them.  So they wait.  Time passes.  Seeds from the ground below begin to take root and lift off the ground.  Sprouts become trees which carry the children toward the skies.  Some stay and wait for redemption; others investigate the surroundings or leave in hopes of finding solace below.  As still more time passes, native primates befriend the children, in some instances being the only possible companion to the individual.

Beyond the evolving narrative in the series, I have found myself asking questions like:  How high up is the couch?  Who left the children there?  Are the couches all around us high up in the trees or in a remote region of the world?  What time period is it?  Do the children age?  Do they see each other or try to communicate with one another?

All of these questions I find fascinating.  I hope to find the answers as I continue.