Adon Valenziano

Adon Valenziano
Born 1968 BirthArizona, USA.
Lives and works in HomeSanta Cruz, Califronia, USA.

I have spent most of my life making art in some form or other. I was Raised in beautiful Northern California and grew up with a tremendous love of the natural world. The forms found in the organic world have played a large part in the vocabulary of my recent sculpture.

Some solo exhibitions

2001   Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica California, interconnectivity: Sculpture by Adon Valenziano.

2000   Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove California, Biometamorph: Sculpture by Adon Valenziano.

Some group exhibitions

2002   The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County’s, 17th Annual Open Studios Art Tour 2002.

2001   MatrixArts, Sacramento California. Transcending Space.

2000   Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica California. The Fourth Annual Arts on Fire Exhibition.

Artist Statement

My sculptures are based on the forms of plants, bones, insects, seed pods, musical instruments and machine parts. I am interested in creating works that illustrate a symbiotic relationship between the natural and the machine world. I think of these creations as Biometamorphs, fossil records of a living, transformative change.