Born 1951
Lives and works in HomeHamburg, London, Germany.

Hans Aabeck-Ackermann, landscape artist

Single Exhibitions (selection)
1988 Nottingham Campus Gallery, Great Britain
1990 Scheveningen open art, Den Haag, Netherlands
1992 See-Promenaden-Ausstellung, Ascona, Swiss
1993 Rasmussens Kunstner Galleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 Gallery Lista, Farsund, Norway
1996 Gallery Moorkate, Worpswede, Germany
2000 Kurhaus Bad Reichenhall, Germany
2001 La Galleria do Castillo, Bagur, Spain
2004 Kurverwaltung Westerland, Germany
2007 La Morra Wine & More, Piemonte, Italy

All landscape watercolor paintings are painted directly in nature. The outdoor painting is a specialty by Hans Aabeck-Ackermann.