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Top Artworks of Native American Printmakers

Posted on : April 23, 2015 Author : Tracy Oliver
Artworks can be traced back from the olden times, right through the era of the cavemen and Native Americans. In Native America, printmakers have created numerous artworks from the ancient times that became well celebrated today. Here are some of the most notable artworks created by Native American printmakers and artists:

1. Haida Totem Pole

Haida Totem Pole This pole is made as a landmark at the Thunderbird Park in Skidegate, British Columbia. The Haida tribe, which made the totem, is composed of the indigenous people from North America’s Pacific Northwest Coast. This pole is made of intricate carvings of people heads, who are highly associated to the tribe’s elite family lineage.

2. Dresden Codex

Dresden Codex Created by the Mayas, this distinctive code and work of art was created during the 12th century. Incidentally, it is also a historic piece used by American historians. The artwork came in 39 sheets of stone carvings, which is believed to be a manuscript of some sort. This masterpiece is currently displayed at the Saxon State Library in Dresden, Germany.

3. Bighorn Sheep Caravan Petroglyph

Sheep Petroglyph Found in Moab, Utah, the petroglyph depicts a caravan of sheep believed to be created by prehistoric people. The artwork was created by carving, incising and engraving. It was believed that such a petroglyph has either a cultural or religious significance.

4. Coso Rock Art

Coso sheep At the Coso Rock Art district in California, over 100,000 petroglyphs of Paleo-Indian tribes can be viewed. It is for such a reason why this area in the Coso Range has been renamed as the Coso Rock Art District. The site was hailed as one of the national historic landmarks of the United States.

5. Columbia Hills Petroglyph

Columbia Hills Petroglyphs These petroglyps found at the Columbian River Gorge near The Dalles also contain remarkable pieces of Native American art. At the Temani Pesh-wa Trail, there lies a good collection of petroglyphs that were saved from the waters of the Dalles Dam. The site also contains pictographs, including the most famous one entitled, “She Who Watches.”

6. Inuksuk

Inuksuk The Inuksuk is a stone landmark built by Native Americans from the North American region. Several pieces of these artworks were distributed from Alaska all the way to Greenland. It was believed that these cairns were used as a marker of tribesmen who are traveling, fishing, camping, or hunting.

7. Chilkat Blanket

Chilkat blanket Aside from carvings and totems, Native American artists also make artworks on fabric. A good example is the Chilkat Blanket worn by high-ranking tribal members from the Northwest Coast of Alaska. The blanket is made by the weavers from the tribes of Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida.

8. Haida Argillite Carving

Haida argillite carving This sculpture currently displayed at the National Museum of the American India is a showcase of the Haida tribe’s talent in carving. These art pieces were handcrafted from the black gems of Haida Gwaii. Some of the pieces were made into jewelry or accessories. These are just a few of the distinct pieces of artwork from the Native Americans. This only proves that their tribe is very rich in culture – culture that is not meant to be forgotten by humankind.

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