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NeoPopRealism: Art Council Is Not Always the Safest Place for the Artists

Posted on : December 11, 2011 Author : A._G.
Crooked minds are dangerous. They lie and steal looking with the innocent face expression into your eyes. They are constantly in search for the new victims and if you will not stop them today tomorrow it might be you.
Scam artists(!) from RI and MA had created a new term to rename and sell Nadia Russ' artistic invention, unique technique and style she created in 1989 and announced internationally January 4, 2003, when she created the term NeoPopRealism.
In 2004, crooks also created a trademark ‘red square’ for the paper squares they sell in their teaching kits. They were reckless and playful, thought of the Moscow's Red Square (Nadia Russ came to the U.S. from Moscow); they thought she will never find out about this IP theft.
There is a motto in scammers’ website: "Artists for Respect". It suggests visitors an idea that they are working to improve the society and striving for respect. These people prepared over 300 "certified teachers", publish little books, offering seminars (!)... Their web site says no word about Nadia Russ, the real Inventor of the art style and art technique which they promote and sell to grannies and children worldwide.
It is a craftsmen’s corner, where craftsmen-copycats make ridiculous statement that they are inventors of art form. They want to impress their audience, limited to grannies and children. No serious person/artist would learn from them because there is no artistic quality in their designs, according to art professional point of view,
First presentation of renamed and simplified NeoPopReaism invention was made by the swindlers in RI. But NeoPopRealism work first appeared in RI much earlier, in 2002, when Nadia Russ passed to David T. Shwaery eleven her ink drawings to exhibit them there. Shwaery didn't exhibit them because he had another plans for this art style, more ‘global’ plans. In 2002, Nadia Russ also left to David T. Shwaery, a President of Pawtucket Arts Council, a series of her original canvases to exhibit them in RI. Two weeks later, Clifford Cone, David T. Shwaery partner, said that her canvases "were demolished accidentally by contractors who came to repair their property“. It was not the lie. Multi-millionaire, David Thomas Shwaery could easily afford Nadia Russ' paintings, but it was not in his plans...
Many months later, under people’s pressure, Shwaery and Cone returned Nadia Russ her artworks. The following years, Nadia Russ, idea of NeoPopRealism and other her humanistic projects and social activities were constantly attacked online.  Her email account had been bombed daily by unbelievable number of the anonymous spayware infected emails. Not only was she attacked.
Since 2003 till present, all her ideas and projects were step-by-step copied by the copycats. In January, 2003, Nadia Russ created a word NeoPopRealism and announced her invention worldwide. In 2004, copycats created a new term to rename NeoPopRealism. Then, NeoPopRealism art style under another name (and with low artistic qualities) was presented to the public in RI with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as "inventors". Copycats are not artists, they cannot execute any decent ink drawings, they are just "inventors", this is why they draw very simple backgrounds/ designs which Nadia Russ has used as the backdrop in her ink drawings.
And the Big Show began. David T. Shwaery was bombing artist Nadia Russ with spyware-infected anonymous emails, asking for brainstorms because copycats couldn’t move forward without Nadia Russ and her innovative thinking! But to prosper, the dull swindlers had to ruin the origin - NeoPopRealism - and all Nadia Russ’ activities. They were trying to replace it with their craftsmen's and childish substitute and Nadia Russ lived like in a war zone, like in the trenches of the WWII. David Thomas Shwaery was repeating Nadia Russ: “You will go nowhere!” but she couldn't understand then what he meant.
Nadia Russ didn’t know anything about the crooked project until June 2011. June 4 of 2011 was the turning point, she found out about it when she opened a little booklet, published by craftsmen's publishing company. This booklet was teaching the basics of the NeoPopRealism ink drawing, telling that this style was invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas…
Immediately, NeoPopRealism Journal's (http://neopoprealismjournal.wetpaint.com) team sent emails to the whole group of intellectual property law violators: fake inventors, craftsmen's publishing company Design Originals, and 'zentangle certified(!) teachers' (some of them are authors of teaching booklets which they sell through Amazon Sandy Steen Bartolomew, Marie Browning, Suzanne McNeill) informing them that what they do is wrong and misappropriating.
We live in time of the troubled economical situation. But even so, people must not forget about the morality; the society without morality is rotten society.
The fair competition is good. But the corruption with any kind of activities, including such as the agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage, are prohibited. The corrupt practices destroy the system in which we live, and to prevent it, watchdog groups in civil society should apply significant social sanctions.

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