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Posted on : May 24, 2013 Author : The_Archetype_Gallery
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Collage City

Medium: Collage

Submission deadline: June 30th 2013

Collage – defined simply as an assemblage of different forms – emerged as a modern method of art production at the hands of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who used the old technique of gluing and assembling different media in new, exciting ways that reverberate in contemporary art. Modern collages bring together a number of media and signifiers that offer new perspectives on each other and turn disparate techniques and motifs into a new whole.

Our visual consumerism and fascination with the digital age allows for even greater creative possibilities with regards to collage. Cut up your media and create! We want to exhibit the most exciting and innovative contemporary versions of collages that we can find.

Submit up to 3 works. Submit at: http://www.archetypegallery.com/contact.html

* Exhibition is fee based.

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