(movement, 1913-1935)

Russian abstract art movement founded in St Petersburg in 1915 by Kasimir Malevich. Suprematist paintings used only a few colours and a few basic geometric shapes, such as the square, the circle, the cross, and the triangle.
Suprematism, considered “the first systematic school of abstract painting in the modern movement”.
Kazimir Malevich: Only with the disappearance of a habit of mind which sees in pictures little corners of nature, Madonnas and shameless Venuses, shall we witness a work of pure, living art. I have transformed myself in the zero of form and dragged myself out of the rubbish- filled pool of Academic art. I have destroyed the ring of the horizon and escaped from the circle of things, from the horizon-ring which confines the artist and the forms of nature.

Artists Suprematism:
  • cha - sue