Lyrical Abstraction

(movement, 1947-present)

The term was originally coined by Larry Aldrich; other sources sustain that it was Jean José Marchand and Georges Mathieu who first used the term Abstraction Lyrique in 1947 in Paris. The name “Tachisme” is sometimes used to describe this movement. Mr. Aldrich, a successful designer and art collector, defined the trend of Lyrical Abstraction: “Early last season, it became apparent that in painting there was a movement away from the geometric, hard-edge, and minimal, toward more lyrical, sensuous, romantic abstractions in colors which were softer and more vibrant…The artist’s touch is always visible in this type of painting, even when the paintings are done with spray guns, sponges or other objects…As I researched this lyrical trend, I found many young artists whose paintings appealed to me so much that I was impelled to acquire many of them. The majority of the paintings in the Lyrical Abstraction exhibition were created in 1969 and all are a part of my collection now.”

Artists Lyrical Abstraction:
  • baz - wol