Land and Environmental
(style, 1965-present)

Earthworks or Land & environmental art.
Robert Smithson was one of the founders of the art form known as earthworks or land art, and is most well known for the Spiral Jetty, 1970, located in the Great Salt Lake, Utah. This monumental earthwork was inspired in part when Smithson saw the Great Serpent Mound, a Pre-Columbian Indian monument in southwestern Ohio. The earthworks were a radical departure from making formal objects situated in a gallery setting.

Artists Land and Environmental:

From prehistoric times, peoples have transformed the environment, shaping their tools from stone, and, in their cave wall paintings, megaliths and stone circles, seeking ways to connect with the forces of nature. Since those times, artists and designers have been profoundly influenced by the images, colors, patterns, structures and systems of nature around them…

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