de Ploeg

(movement, 1918-1941)

The artist’s association ‘De Ploeg’ was founded in 1918 in reaction to the artistic climate in Groningen. A number of young artists felt they did not have enough opportunity to develop themselves and exhibit their work. They hoped that as a group they would be able to exhibit their work and also organize exhibitions and lectures through which artists and the general public could learn about recent developments in art, architecture and literature. Among the initiators were Jan Wiegers, Johan Dijkstra, George Martens and Jan Altink. The name for the association was Altink’s idea. He felt that a lot of ground had to be broken with regard to modern art in Groningen and suggested that ’De Ploeg’, Dutch for ‘the plow’, should be their name.

Artists de Ploeg:
  • alk - zee

‘De Ploeg’ as an artist’s association exists to this day, but its importance in the history of art lies in the twenties of the last century.