Athens Biennale

(exhibition, 2007-present)

The 1st Athens Biennale 2007 Destroy Athens opened for the public on 10 September 2007 and lasted until 2 December 2007.

The exhibition took place in one main venue. The main venue was Technopolis, a complex of buildings that covers an area of approximately 30 acres, administered as a cultural venue by the Municipality of Athens.

Technopolis constitutes a live industrial museum of incomparable architecture and one of the most interesting in Europe. It is located in the old Gas factory of Athens, known as “Gazi”, next to Keramikos and close to the Acropolis.

In many ways, Technopolis parallels the evolution of the Modern Greek state. It was founded as the Athenian factory of the French Gas Company, in 1857, by royal decree of King Otto, upon a unanimous decision of the Municipal Council of Athens. That was the time when the industrial revolution began to emerge in the newly established Greek state, which was merely three decades old.  Gas production from coal was discontinued in 1983, and the network was connected to the Greek Refineries of Aspropirgos, where production with the technology of naphtha was established. One year later the operation of the Athenian factory was suspended because it was considered anachronistic, not so much due to the pollution produced, but mainly due to its location in the center of Athens, near Acropolis.

Today, the “Gazi” site is considered a living museum of industrial archaeology and architecture, a cultural venue of great social and historical significance, and one of the basic elements composing the contemporary image of the city of Athens.

Artists Athens Biennale:
  • ali - wil

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 HEAVEN is designed as a multi-faceted contemporary art event, comprising of several exhibitions, actions, music and theatre performances, film screenings, symposia, etc, with the participation of more than 100 international artists.