Arte Povera

(movement, 1960's-1968)

"Arte Povera","arme Kunst".The term ‘Arte Povera’ was introduced by the Italian art critic and curator, Germano Celant, in 1967. His pioneering texts and a series of key exhibitions provided a collective identity for a number of young Italian artists based in Turin, Milan, Genoa and Rome. They were working in radically new ways, breaking with the past and entering a challenging dialogue with trends in Europe and America.

Artists Arte Povera:
  • ack - zor

Zero to Infinity
<p>Poor or impoverished art; Italy, mid-1960s<br /> The term Arte Povera was first used by Italian art critic Germano Celant to describe a broad category of art being produced by an international cross section of artists in the late 1960s through the 1970s, although it is now generally used to apply only to Italian art of this period…</p>
Les acteurs de Arte Povera, refusant de se prêter au jeu de l’assignation d’une identité, c’est-à-dire de se laisser enfermer dans une définition, rejettent la qualification de mouvement, pour lui préférer celle d’attitude. Etre un artiste Arte Povera, c’est adopter un comportement qui consiste à défier l’industrie culturelle et plus largement la société de consommation, selon une stratégie pensée sur le modèle de la guérilla…
Movimento artistico nato in Italia, tra Roma e Torino, intorno al 1966.