The Vincent Award

(prize, since 2000-present)

The Vincent van Gogh Biennial Award for Contemporary Art in Europe is one of the most important European art prizes. The Broere Charitable Foundation established ‘The Vincent’ in 2000, in loving memory of Monique Zajfen, a beloved friend of the Broere family.
Monique Zajfen, a cosmopolitan by nature, was born in Paris. She spent the greater part of her adult life in New York and Antwerp. Already at a young age, she was passionate about art and with her intuitive taste she laid the foundation for an art collection which by now has become representative for the 20th century. Together with her friend Emy Tob-de Toledo she opened Gallery 121 in Antwerp in 1979. Her spirit and quest for freedom attracted many young and upcoming artists to her gallery, like Helen Chadwick, Francesco Clemente, René Daniëls, Keith Haring, and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

A shortlist has been announced for the next Vincent Van Gogh Biennial Award for Contemporary Art in Europe, to be awarded in September 2008. The five shortlisted artists are Francis Alÿs, Peter Friedl, Liam Gillick, Deimantas Narkevicius, and Rebecca Warren.

Artists The Vincent Award:
  • aht - sas

The winner of the Vincent Award is selected every two years by a jury of six members, to be headed by the director of the Stedelijk Museum from 2006 onwards. The composition of the jury changes every two years, but it is always made up of professionals from the European art world with an extensive knowledge of current developments in European art. In their selection of the winner, they rely not only on their own knowledge and network, but are also advised by correspondents from all over Europe…