(movement, 1970's-present)

Movement in architecture, design and the arts that rejected the preoccupation of post-war modernism with purity of form and technique. Postmodernists use a combination of style elements from the past, such as the classical and the baroque, but also popular fims and magazines, and apply them to spare modern forms, often with ironic effect.
Labels like “modern” and “postmodern,” and trying to pinpoint start and end dates for each period, sometimes art historians and curators. Of course, the two times that, for practical reasons, dates need to be set are when teaching art history courses and organizing museums. Modern art typically starts around the 1860s, while the postmodern period takes root at the end of the 1950s.
The term “contemporary” is not attached to a historical period, as are modern and postmodern, but instead simply describes art “of our moment.At this point, though, work dating back to about 1970 is often considered contemporary. The inevitable problem with this is that it makes for an ever-expanding body of contemporary work for which professors and curators are responsible.

Artists Postmodernism:
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