(movement, 1961-1978 -but still continued-)

The word "fluxus", means "a flow", an unstoppable movement towards a commitment that is more ethical than aestetic in nature.Fluxus, which developed mainly in North America and Europe, following the influence of Cage, did not aim at being avant-garde in the sense of creating a new language, but rather at making a different use of established channels of art, and at the liberation of art from any specific language.It therefore focused on interdisciplinarity and on the use of means to a new concept of art, as "total art".The artistic experience, be it work or event,is the opportunity to create a presence and a sign of energy within reality.Thus "Fluxus" has functioned as a moving front of people, rather than as a group of specialists, following not so much a tactic of experimentation in new languages as a strategy of social contact, with the aim of creating a series of chain-reactions, or magnetic waves, above and below art.The concept of "Fluxus" was first put forward in America in 1962 by George Maciunas.The first exhibition, the "Fluxus International Festspiele", was held at Wiesbaden in September 1962.
See: "Anthology of Fluxus", by Lamonte Young, 1963. Thanks to David Faber for Translation.

Artists Fluxus:
  • alo - woo

<p>We can in Fluxus always find somebody who did it before.<br /> <br /><br /> Fluxus importance<br /><br /> Is Fluxus giving a lot of importance to non importance ?<br /><br /> Is Fluxus giving no importance to importance ?<br /><br /> Fluxus artists like playing "Fluxus wisdom"<br /><br /> They keep coming out with sentences that are supposed to carry profound wisdom exemple Filliou when he says : "on verra bien" ,<br /> or Ben when he says art is always the same thing.<br /><br /> Fluxus<br /><br /> If in politics everything is lies<br /><br /> why not in Fluxus ?<br />.......</p>
Fluxus was the 20th century’s first truly international, inter-medial art movement. Although it began in Europe, many American artists – George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Benjamin Patterson, Emmett Williams – were at the centre of the group, which soon spread to the USA and Japan…

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