Der Kaiserring

(prize, since 1975-present)

Goslarer Kaiserring. Goslar was nominated to be part of the World Cultural Heritage because of its rich architectural and historic value. But what had been created in the Middle Ages and Renaissance times was not much developed by later generations. Under various political and economic restraints this once so rich town had to struggle to keep up with modern development.
There was little room for arts and culture, until in 1974 a few engaged citizens decided to continue the tradition of art in Goslar with the foundation of the Association for the Promotion of Modern Art. International recognition was sought by the foundation of an idearelated arts award.
The initiators of the "Kaiserring were well aware of the fact that their choice of the first prize winner would be decisive for the future of the art award. The jury voted for Henry Moore.
"It is a great honour for me", Moore declared. This was the very moment when the Kaiserring became reality.

Artists Der Kaiserring:
  • bar - vas

When honouring the artists the town pays honour to itself