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Northern and Southern Beauty In Paintings Of Artist Arthur Sachs

Posted on : December 19, 2012 Author : S._Kristiansen
Click to Enlarge! As one of the most non-celebrated artists of more recent history, Arthur Sachs will be known mostly as a Spanish artist because of his works on Flamenco dancers and Spanish gypsies.  However, one will also note that he has Scandinavian influences as well, with some paintings dedicated to subjects with pale, porcelain faces.  This is because Arthur Sachs is, in fact, a Swedish artist.  He spent a part of his life painting in Sweden and another part of his life painting in Spain. Arthur Sachs used mostly females as his painting subjects and because of his diverse influences, the difference in painting styles were also different.  In fact, his paintings seemed to correspond to the difference in beauties of his subjects.  For example, if he was to paint a Flamenco dancer, then he would use a style that was more suited to the southern European taste where the viewer would be able to see the passion and the fire in the Spanish females.  When it came to the Scandinavian females, the colors and his style would also be reflected according to the beauties of his northern home country.  In these paintings, his chosen colors would be a lot paler to show the beauty of the type of woman found there. Sachs’ art is not only about the kind of woman he was painting.  Many of the colors he chose would also give viewers an idea of the environment where the painting was created.  For example, going back to the Spanish paintings, the choice of colors included many reds, rich golden yellows, deep oranges and browns.  This is, at least to Arthur himself, representative of the colors of Spain and also representative of the kind of warm mood that one can feel just by looking at the painting. In his more northern, Scandinavian paintings, a big difference is seen in the colors.  His choices change to suit the area in question.  One will notice cold blues, dark blues, paler pinks and whites, purples and light greens.  These colors seem to be representative of Sweden, the environment being a lot colder than that of Spain.  Of course, this does not give the impression that the Swedish, northern women are colder than the Spanish. Another theme that is obvious in the paintings of Arthur Sachs’ paintings is the backgrounds that he chooses for his models. One will notice that the Spanish backdrops mostly contain images of the sea, the sun and flowers, again connoting a sort of warmth of the surrounding southern environment.  In the Swedish settings, Sachs likes to use hints of the northern lights as a backdrop to his models. Most other artists would have struggled to find the theme that inspires them to work and perfect their art.  But in the case of Arthur Sachs, he knew exactly what to tackle and it is evident in all his paintings.  From the icy Scandinavian paintings that he’s done with his beautiful Swedish, northern models to the southern warmth of art he has accomplished with his Spanish models, Arthur Sachs has proven that he has been able to tackle the fire and the ice themes he is known for.  In fact, it is quite evident over the years that he has been able to find a balance in both styles from Sweden and Spain.  He has taken that balance and combined it to create a style that is most unique to him.  It is this signature style that Arthur Sachs will be remembered for and the modern art community has much to learn from the legacy he has left behind.  Arthur Sachs was born in 1953 and passed away in 2007.