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Miniatures and collages by Jovana Mitic

Posted on : November 25, 2014 Author : Jovana_Mitic
“In most of my art I return to the archetype, the deepest part of the human soul. It is a weight directed towards reinvention of knowledge. Noman exists for himself... but each man is as old as the humanity - E. Hemingway. Part of history is always inside us... creation of first symbols, aspiring towards the archetypical, magical. It is descent into human’s soul, past, collective unconsciousness... to draw archetypical symbols on the canvas. What do I do as an artist? – I destroy form, deal in abstract art. Yet isolation from the outer world is not complete but there is always an association and connection with the outer world. This is less obvious in some paintings but in some connection with reality is obvious. Although I create a new world, it is, still, in a way, inspired by the existing one. Today we cannot renounce the world we leave in...”  Jovana Mitić version for website

Jovana Mitić (1984.) graduated in 2008. at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Niš, Serbia, in the class of Professor Zoran D. Kostić. During studies, besides painting, she also engages in graphics with Prof. PhD Franc Curk. She is member of ULUPUDS-The Associations of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia. These few years were very importhant for her carrier and untill 2014. she exhibited at over than 150 group shows and art projects, in her country as well as abroad: United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina... Here's a small selection of  the exhibitions where she engaged in 2014. and that are imoprtant to be mentioned:· FAB Fridge – Fringe Arts Bath festival, (CollectConnect)United Kingdom.    ·Jawspring: Art and Poetry Exhibition, The Village Hall Gallery, Wimbledon, United Kingdom. · “Godina Kortazar 2014.”, Instituto Servantes de Belgrado, Belgrade, Serbia.· 17th International exhibition in Miniatures, Zapresić Artists Association, Croatia. · XII International exhibition “Private & Public”, ULU En Face, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. · IV Balaton Salon, Vonyarchvashegy, Hungary.· 23rd International exhibition of small format, Culture centre of Šabac, Serbia.· Osten Biennial of Drawing, 42th World Gallery of Drawing, Exhibition hall of the Macedonian Academy of Science and and Arts, Skopje, Macedonia.· International Photography and Film Festival, Fondation "Inter-Art", Aiud, Romania.· Lost and Font 2014. "in search for a global alphabet" - an International alphabet project,Barcelona, Spain. · 5th Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics, „Inter-Art" Aiud, Romania.· IInd International Print Biennial Čačak, National Museum of Čačak, Serbia. · IV International exhibition of small format paintings, gallery of Open University Subotica, Serbia. · Ballet Russes Exhibition, Shaw gallery Croydon, United Kingdom. · Traditional-Modern, Annual exhibition of ULUPUDS' - The Associations of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, UK Palilula, gallery Potkovica, Belgrade, Serbia. AWARDS:
  • 1st Award for graphics at "The First International Show of University Cultural Centre of International University in Novi Pazar", gallery "Sopocanska vidjenja", Novi Pazar, Serbia.
  • 3rd award at the May Salon of the Leskovac’s Cutlural Centre, Leskovac, Serbia.
  • Award for The Best painting at “October Salon” - Cultural Centre in Leskovac, Serbia.
  • 1st prize in graphic category, XI International Exhibition „Women painters“, Majdanpek, Serbia.
  • 2nd award at 51st October salon, Leskovac’s Cultural Centre, Leskovac, Serbia.
  • Winner of “The Big Draw” drawing competition, Beatles Story Museum, Britannia Vaults, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  • 1st prize at “V International exhibition for miniature”, Trag gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Winner of "Private and Public" award for young artists at XII International exhibition "Private & Public", ULU En Face, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • 2nd Award of IV Balaton Salon, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary.
  • 2nd Distinction prize of the 5th Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics, „Inter-Art" Aiud, Romania.
  Commendations: 2013. · Finalists of the World Monuments Fund's Everyday Preservationist Photo Contest, New York.
  • Finalist for Award at Art Jazzed Up exhibition, The Shaw gallery, Croydon, United Kingdom.
  Art Colonies: 2009. · Photography colonie at Vucjanka river canyon as part of the"Istsummit of Ex Yu photograpers" in organisationof Photo club Leskovac, Photo Association of Serbia and Leskovac's Culture centre, Serbia. 2013. · II Art colonie "Vrhpolje 2013" organised by Radio Belgtrade 1, Serbia. 2014. · International Art colony “Gamzigrad 2014.”, Serbia.   2nd photo for the website

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