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Cima Azimi

Posted on : November 29, 2012 Author : CIMA_AZIIMI
Cima Azimi "It is important to me that I create an experience and journey in my art, whether abstract or representational. I strive to work on a subconscious instinctive level so that what I express comes from within and becomes part of an inner truth or knowledge. My aim is to inspire and embellish a sense of infinite space in my paintings by creating layers that emerge, and flow. Space and dimension are a natural progression of something constantly evolving. I am on a quest for higher truths and enlightenment that I embellish in my work as a dreamlike trail of vision mystery and illusion. By keeping an open mind about my work I maintain that it is in transition and forever moving on".
Cima Azimi lives and works in Basingstoke, UK.

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