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Amela Subasic – Contemporary Art

Posted on : May 17, 2012 Author : Amela
Amela Subasic's art is a unique hybrid of ink drawings and collages. Her work can be recognized for its strong contours, simplified forms, and rich colors. Click to Enlarge! Amela explores the human figure to create mystery and provoke the viewers, challenging them to explore with her and seek different aspects and possibilities of our reality. Her drawings are equally compelling, and Amela's ink and color drawings are the most inspired by her subconscious. Although her main interests are figures and nudes, she also works with other mediums and subjects, such as abstract paintings, ready made objects, and mixed media in wood and cement. She was born and raised in Sarajevo of an architect father, who taught her how to draw and paint from an early age. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Amela Subasic lived in Belgium for five years before immigrating to Vancouver, Canada where she currently lives. Website: www.amelasubasic.ca Blog: www.amelasubasic.blogspot.ca Click to Enlarge! Click to Enlarge! Click to Enlarge!