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The artist Zuoxiau Zuzhou
Born 1970, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Sculpture Objects, Writing,

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Chinese musician and artist. Educated at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, he founded the rock band No and was a member of the Beijing East Village art collective.

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To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain

or the past five years, this guy has been making headlines for pricing his albums from 30 kuai to 500 kuai. He’s also known for being a contemporary artist/poet/soundtrack composer working with Ai Weiwei and film director Jia Zhangke. Born in 1970, alternative rock singer-songwriter Zuoxiao Zuzhou (literally means “left-little-curse of the ancestors”) founded Beijing East Village with many avant-garde artists in early 90s, and their controversial artwork Adding a Meter to the Nameless Mountain...

According to Zuoxiao artists are ordinary people doing an ordinary job, nothing more. “It’s funny when people treat artists like they are special. It’s even more funny when artists think they are really something.”

The East Village was an artist’s quarter in the outskirts of Beijing. The area reached international fame in the 1990s when musicians, artists and critics, who were looking for free space, began to live there. A great deal of innovative and experimental art works have been made and developed there, the performance work in particular has gained a lot of international attention. During this period the artists worked on their own individual projects but also began to produce collaborations. . “To add one meter to an anonymous mountain” is one of the most well known collaborative events performed by artists from that area, Yingmei Duan participated in this piece...