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The artist Aaron Young
Born 1972, San Francisco, California, USA.
Lives and works in New York City, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Sculpture Objects, Site specific art, Performance Art,

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Aaron Young's artworks rely on the aftereffects of dynamic, energetic, and sometimes even dangerous performances. He hires participants stereotyped as marginalized rebels, such as skateboarders and motorcycle riders, to perform various stunts in exhibition spaces on specially prepared platforms—such as the performance Arc Light for the exhibition, for what you are about to receive. Like Steven Parrino, Young uses destructive actions as generative force; the traces of his ephemeral acts are recorded as videos, drawings, sculptures, and photographs to constitute artistic artifacts...

Beware: Aaron Young leaves a mark. The artist, in fact, made lots of marks when he unleashed a crew of motorcyclists to pop burnouts on a floor of painted boards last year at New York's Park Avenue Armory. He also sprays surfer tags on his enameled-bronze rocks, creates sculptures that look like broken-down chain-link fences (dipped in gold), and even burns the impression of Jesus Christ onto corneas after a viewer stares at one of his psychedelic silk-screen paintings for 30 seconds...

Aaron Young’s performative actions, videos, and sculptures deal with art’s capacity to aestheticize extreme behavior and the margins of culture. Influenced by Chris Burden’s high-risk performance actions of the 1960s, Young is no clinical voyeur, but an accomplice within the scenarios he orchestrates, acutely aware that his motives are always implicated...