Yelena Yelagina | the artist

The artist Yelena Yelagina
Born 1949, Moscow, Russia.

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Venice Biennale,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Works with her husband Igor Makarevich

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The Hermit (From Tarot “Esotericum” Project)

“Russian Idea” by Igor Makarevich and Yelena Yelagina is indisputably one of the most outstanding works of contemporary Russian art over the last two years. The grand installation combines photography, video art and objects that are made of most singular and unexpected materials such as black bread and soil, as well as problem setting, typical of present-day reality. By returning to the concept of ┬ôRussian idea┬ö that was originally developed by renowned philosophers and writers of the 19th century, the authors actualize issues related to national self-determination and overall responsibility, universal values and respect toward individuals…