Wilson Shieh | the artist

The artist Wilson Shieh
Pseudonym: Shieh Ka Ho
Born 1970, Hongkong, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Musical Instruments Series: Cello

"Before I learned the fine-brush technique, I considered this style as just a kind of antique craftsmanship..."

Working on silk in Chinese classical figurative style, Wilson Shieh chooses issues of sexuality as the main theme for his paintings...

Classical antiques are the central motifs found in the new works of Hong Kong artist Wilson Shieh ka-ho (b.1970). Shieh attempts to revitalize China's glorious past through his meticulous depiction of ceramics, pottery and scholarly objects...

Chinese artist Wilson Shieh paints and draws in the gongbi, or fine-line, style of Ming dynasty painters of the seventeenth century, but his subject matter is humorously, stylishly, and politically contemporary...