William Gear | the artist

The artist William Gear
Born 1915, Methil, Fife, Scotland.
Died 1997, Birmingham, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Works in the TATE Gallery

His early work reflects the fluid continental style of this period, drifting towards taschisme, or action painting, in some of the gouaches shown downstairs. 'Two Dancers' (1947) is unusual in immediately suggesting the influence of Klee. In general, there is more consistency of style, less chopping and changing than you might expect. Quite early on Gear demonstrated a fondness for heavy black line, within which colour is sometimes locked. There are rarely concessions to taste in the grinding colour harmonies (of black and yellow in the 1950's 'Dead Tree'). In the mid-1950's Gear experimented with simple geometrical abstracts, but as early as 1951-52 he produced a series of paintings which recall cubism or futurism in their juxtaposition of diagonals and patches of colour. A similar juxtaposition has sustained Gear's work since the late 1960' s-angular, black lines around which bright coloured bubbles rise. Seeing the colour seems to be getting brighter and even extravagant-a reaction, perhaps, to the dourness of the earlier work...

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