William Cordova | the artist

The artist William Cordova
Born 1972, Lima, Peru.
Lives and works in rooklyn, New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Greater New York,

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William Cordova¬ís work is tied to an urban ecology of obsolescence, disparity, and displacement. Busted cars, trashed tires, discarded shoes, machetes, speakers, and books yellowed with age provide the material support and iconographic program for his drawings, collages, and installations. For the artist, these material choices reference the reality of lived experience, as opposed to the spectacle of culture, mass-produced for constant consumption. The fluency with which Cordova traverses media and remixes cultural signifiers confirms his visual multilinguism, as barbed as it is lived-in…

To accompany his work, also appearing in National Projects, William Cordova chose Untitled/Ephemera, a five-minute excerpt from a Jimi Hendrix benefit concert for the United Block Association, a Harlem-based youth organization, and a post-concert meeting with the Black Panther Party: September 5, 1969…

2 Works

Badussy (Or Machu Picchu After Dark)