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The artist Doug Wheeler
Born 1939, , USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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I never worried so much about permanence because I make things that you experience, and then it’s in your mind. Most of my stuff is site specific or site-related, but I feel that’s what we do in life. We have first-hand experiences, and those are the ones we don’t forget. They stay with us and hopefully they’re meaningful enough that they’re with you the rest of your life. That’s pretty much what I’ve always been after. I’ve always tried to do that stuff that has an effect on you that you never forget the first time...

If Turrell was the set-designer of light-driven installations, then Wheeler was the guy who understood that ‘the set’ wasn’t limited to the stage or one wall, that it could take over an entire environment. (This is a concept that Turrell has taken to extremes in the Arizona desert.) If Irwin was a master of subtle art that builds to a low, intense burn, then Wheeler was the guy who realized that if you controlled an entire space, that you could ratchet up the intensity level right away...

Wheeler's "Encasement" is made of plastic with neon lights embedded along its sides. Hung on the wall of a darkened room of precise proportions, its square form appears to float...