Werner Heldt | the artist

The artist Werner Heldt
Born Nov 17 1904, Berlin, Germany.
Died Oct 3 1954, Ischia, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Documenta Kassel,

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Berliner Träume

Werner Heldt was much troubled by the growth of mass political movements during the late twenties, fearing that they would be intolerant of loners like himself. He was therefore devastated when Hitler came to power, and fled from the National Socialists as early as 1933, taking refuge on Mallorca. In exile there, he developed an even more urgent concern with the subject of the “masses”, expressed in a comprehensive essay and some surviving drawings, which include the work entitled “Meeting” or the “Parade of the Zeros”.

"Häuser mit Laute"

Im Jahr 1904 wird der Maler und Zeichner Werner Heldt in Berlin geboren. Heldt besucht 1923 bis 1924 in Berlin die Kunstgewerbeschule. Der Künstler beginnt noch im selben Jahr ein Studium an der Berliner Akademie…