Wei Ligang | the artist

The artist Wei Ligang
Born 1964, Datong City, Shanxi Province, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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He has been at the forefront of modern ink painting's development from the beginning and was one of the organizers of Bashu Parade: '99 Chengdu Retrospective of Chinese Modern Calligraphy at the End of the 20th Century exhibition in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in June 1999. This event is widely regarded as a most important review of China's Modern Calligraphy Artistic Movement since the mid-1980s. He is one of China's most respected young artists of contemporary calligraphy, and his work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in China as well as in an exhibition of Chinese calligraphy that was held in 2002 at the British Museum in London...

Over the last three decades, Wei Ligang’s artistic development has undergone three stages: traditional calligraphy, modern calligraphy, and contemporary art. He profoundly understands the nature of traditional art and he has further pursued an abstract vision based on the practice of calligraphy. His resulting works organically integrate the concept of calligraphy with Western abstraction, while maintaining a sensibility of Chinese ink painting. His work is a contribution of traditional calligraphy to the overall contemporary realm of Chinese art...