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The artist Vincent Leow
Born 1961, , Singapore.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Painting,

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Two Men', 'Handprints', 'Money Suit'

“I wanted to play around with the idea of how you can build a myth around a toad and how all of a sudden, everybody starts wanting to buy one of these.”

Leow's works at Buangkok station capture the energy and open-mindedness of Singapore's contemporary arts scene...

The work of Vincent Leow at the Cyberarts Gallery for Nokia Art Singapore 2002 presents an interactive installation that conveys the thoughts, sounds and visions/images experienced at the very brink of suicide. He lets the visitor interact with his entire piece, using all their senses to bring about an idea or invoke contemplation on the act of suicide.

Vincent LEOW (b. 1961, Singapore) is a pivotal figure in alternative art practices in Singapore. He co-founded UTOPIA with LIM (below), and helmed the contemporary artist-run space Plastique Kinetic Worms...