Victor Pasmore | the artist

The artist Victor Pasmore
Born Dec 3 1908, Chesham, Surrey, England.
Died 1998, Malta, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Documenta Kassel,

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Victor Pasmore was perhaps the most influential abstract artist in Britain and became one of the leading abstract painters of our time. His work can be found in many Public Collections around the world including: Tate Britain, Royal Academy of Arts - London, Museum of Modern Art - New York, The British Council, Yale Center for British Art and numerous regional British galleries.

Relief construction in white, black, maroon and ochre’ is from a series of reliefs made between 1954-58. Pasmore made the original rough model for this work in 1956-57 but it was not made up until just before the 1961 New London Gallery exhibition. Early reliefs were made by Pasmore himself but later works were made by a joiner, working from a maquette and then painted by Pasmore…

Spiral Motif - Sea And Sky

From 1941 the artist painted a series of portraits of his wife. This one, executed while they were living at Chiswick, is probably the finest…